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Legal, Financial, Trend & Business Energy Assessments.

The numbers look great, your executives are a corporate dream team, and your business is geared to beat the competition and capture valuable market share. Then BAM… it all goes south. And your team’s 360° reveals nothing. It happens more often than you think—an interpretation of reality and actual reality are out of sync, causing irreparable missteps.

Intuitive Diagnostics helps clients gather all the information via a synergistic combination of intuitive and cognitive research. The result? Comprehensive corporate insight so you can make the smartest decisions and shrewdest choices.

The world has changed. What worked before no longer does and will never work again. Instead, today’s most forward-thinking CEOs, managers, and corporate executives seek intuitive advice on everything from business strategy to the synergy of mergers and acquisitions, and key executive, board, and business partner selection.

Stop doing business in a corporate hall of mirrors. Intuitive Diagnostics offers a clear view of both your environment and your risks. You’ll be prepared, strong under pressure, and able to save time, money, and valuable corporate resources.

Meet Stephanie Salt, Founder, CEO, and Corporate Shaman.

Stephanie Salt is an international lawyer and seasoned business executive with more than two decades of experience in multinational, multicultural, multicommodity, and multidisciplinary arenas spanning Africa, China, and the United States. The first American to be admitted to the bar as an Advocate by the High Court of South Africa, Stephanie advises some of the world’s most respected corporations in the fields of intellectual property, transnational, and privacy law by applying an integrated approach to secular law and spiritual wisdom.

In addition to founding her own consulting firm, Stephanie was on the international USAID team that set-up the International Financial Service Center in Gaborone, Botswana; Consultant with Ernst & Young on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Project; Head of Intellectual Property at Altech in South Africa; and Visiting Professor, International School of Cooperation in Wuxi China.

She is a Corporate Shaman harmonizing empowered intuition to assist businesses achieve the Zen of corporate affluence leading to unparalleled mega success in the global market place. As a strong empath, she merges meta-physical tools and business expertise to conduct financial, legal, and business energy assessments. She translates invisible currents that speak to life experiences as well as corporate challenges. She helps executives understand important tasks, the cosmic timetable, implementation strategies, leading to a successful business or assessing one’s life purpose. Stephanie has travelled the labyrinth of life, establishing herself in Los Angeles and her spiritual home in South Africa.

Stephanie has multiple residences, including her primary home in Los Angeles and a spiritual home in South Africa.



Intuitive Diagnostics consults for businesses globally via phone, video conferencing, Skype, email and one to one. We also offer written valuations, energy assessments, and reports. We are available 24/7 via retainer or hourly consultations. All consultations, reports, and assessments are strictly confidential.


Develop a method for understanding intuition in your corporate life. The ability to consciously access, develop and trust this intuitive intelligence is your company’s most important asset as it is the foundation for innovation, maximum efficiency, and growth. The greatest leaders of our time utilize this power to benefit and contribute to their lives and the world.


Seminars are great for an overall outlook, but some topics warrant more time. If you really want to dig deep, ask questions, get hands-on practice and gain a thorough understanding, a workshop is the way to go. Get more insight on your team dynamics and the best business solutions for your company. We utilize numerous proven strategies and creative activities that will sustain your company's growth.

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