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What We Do.

Only Intuitive Diagnostics™ can illuminate both your corporate and personal blind spots: hidden issues on your team, with a prospective partner or deal, or in the schedule of an upcoming product rollout or acquisition. Contact us today to learn how we can help you realign your business or your leadership for greater success. We offer custom consulting packages, as well as a host of proven services, trainings, and experiences.

Spiritual Tools for
Corporate Survival™

An overview of effective and easy-to-use spiritual tools, custom-selected to help senior executives stay grounded and strong in today’s fast-paced corporate and multinational environments.

Metaphysical Strategies
for the Corporate Woman

Spiritual management strategies specifically designed to help women at the top stand in their power. Topics include spiritual dressing and the use of color, energetic protection, the power of the Feminine: reclaiming it and using it, and accessing support from other realms.

Intuitive Diagnostics™ for
Employee Selection and Retention

Intuitive Diagnostic tools help you see the person behind the CV. You’ll select and retain only the employees who best align with your company’s goals and financial objectives.

Intuitive Diagnostics™ for
Maximizing Group and Team Outputs

Facilitates intuitive diagnostic tools for selection and formation of optimum teams and groups designed to accomplish specific goals.

Intuitive Diagnostics™ for
Mergers, Acquisitions, Takeovers and Joint Ventures

Uses meta-physical tools to assist in giving direction and strategy for corporate mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, joint ventures and proposed partnerships for optimum outcomes.

Intuitive Diagnostics™ for
Understanding the Power of Numbers

Facilitates intuitive diagnostic tools using the power of numerology for business.

Weekend Seminars and Retreats

Custom-designed two- to four-day experiences to support your corporate vision, business strategy, team dynamics, or other goal. Each experience is designed using an optimal timeline for success.

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